Real Balinese Sensations

 Jacuzzi  : IDR 200.000 / 30 Minutes

Jacuzzi is a large tub with full of water used for hydrotherapy and relaxation. Steam Room is a small room use a hot air or steam bath for cleaning and refreshing the body

Back Massage : IDR 200.000 / 30 Minutes

Helps to increase the temperature of the muscles by increasing blood flow

Face Relaxation : IDR 200.000 / 30 Minutes 

Accelerate your blood circulation in face, skin tightening and brightening facial skin

Ear Candle with Hand and Head Massage :IDR 400.000 / 45 Minutes

Lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal to remove the earwax

Radiant Traditional Massage : IDR 350.000 / 60 Minutes 

Pamper yourself with the island’s exotic massage starting with foot reflexology and body massage

Foot Massage : IDR 350.000 / 60 Minutes 

Improve your blood circulation through acupressure massage on your feet

Radiant Beauty Facial : IDR 360.000 / 60 Minutes 

Clean the face of blackheads and pimples, brightening facial skin

Beauty Mani : IDR 360.000 / 60 Minutes

Treatment to clean and colors your fingernail

Beauty Pedi : IDR 360.000 / 60 Minutes 

Treatment to clean and colours your toenail

Natural Traditional Massage : IDR 500.000 / 90 Minutes 

Improve your blood circulation and loosen your muscles

Traditional Lulur Massage : IDR 500.000 / 90 Minutes

Remove your dead skin cells and rejuvenate your body

Chocolate Massage :  IDR500.000 / 90Minutes

Inclusion foot bath, Massage with chocolate oil, chocolate scrub and ginger tea

Warm Stone:  IDR600.000 / 120 Minutes

Relaxations the muscle of your body and eliminate weariness on the body

Thai Massage : IDR 600.000 /120 Minutes

Release muscular tension, increase flexibility and mobility of joints

Radiant Herbal Sensation : IDR 600.000 / 120 Minutes

Release muscular tension and increase the energy of your body

Rama Sita (Couple) Package :  IDR 1.400.000 / 150 Minutes

Inclusion Foot Bath, Body Massage, Scrub, Facial and Ginger Tea

Exotica Packages : IDR 850.000 / 180Minutes

Inclusion Jacuzzi or Steam Room, Body Massage, Body Scrub and Lunch or Dinner

Radiant Beauty Skin Package  IDR 650.000 / 180 Minutes